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Competition now closed

I’d love the forum to become a useful resource for asking questions and getting answers related to ‘healthy house’, sustainable, ecological & environmentally aware building. There are other places out there to ask questions but they can at times be daunting, unwelcoming sorts of places. I want to keep things friendly and inclusive here.

To encourage questions and answers I’ll be running a competition over the Summer. There are a number of categories:

  • Most interesting topic. Awarded to the most interesting or thought provoking new topic posted on the forum.
  • Most interesting reply. Awarded to the most informative, thought provoking or well researched reply made within a topic on the forum.
  • Editors choice. Awarded to forum member that whose over contribution (in the editors opinion) has been the most interesting, thought provoking, funny, well researched or informative.

Prizes are a £20 Amazon E-mail Gift Certificate for each of the three categories.

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Please register and get posting…

The small-print:

The editors decision is final.
All prize winners will need to provide a valid email address to which their prize will be sent.
Competition ends midnight 30th September 2008. Prizes awarded within one week of 30th September 2008.
We reserve the right not to award prizes should response rates to the competition be low.






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