Gothic Grand Designs Redemption?

I’m determined not to keep going on about Grand Designs, so this is the last I’ll say on it (at least for the moment), but it was nice to see Kevin find his old critical eye again – I guess he lost it somewhere on the way to all those rich peoples houses.

The Gothic Executive Tudor Timber Frame Mini-Castle featured in this weeks programme was a little difficult to get to grips with at any level – architectural, aesthetic or practical. Personally, whilst I admired the whole Gothic principle underlying the design, the non-structural oak propped up by a reinforced timber frame and plasma TV’s was just too much for me.

Kevin McCloud’s raised eye-brows and scale based scepticism were nice to see, adding a questioning, thought provoking aspect to the programmes that is what Grand Designs is all about to me. Hopefully this healthy dose of criticality is back for the rest of the series …

Enough said on Grand Designs except let’s have a green build please….






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