Lime Pointing ~ Summer 2008

last weekend's raking out
last weekend’s raking out

In what seems to be an annual event, I’ve restarted repointing the exterior of the barn.

When working with lime you have to take a break over the cold, wet winter months – it’s taken me this long to get restarted.

This time, I’ve taken a more scientific approach and attempted to work out how longs it’s going to take.

Last weekend I managed to hack / rake out the old pointing from an area 180cm by 190cm = 3.42m2…that took me just around 3.5 hours, so my hacking out rate = 1 square meter per hour.

I reckon my repointing is slightly quicker – perhaps 45 minutes a square meter. Add to that preparation of the fresh lime mortar taking one hour for every five hours pointing and final cutting back and tidying up of 15 minutes a square meter.

With a total of around 70m2 to complete that works out as:

hacking out rate = 1 hour x 70m2 = 70 hours
repointing = 45 minutes x 70m2 = 52.5 hours
mortar preparation = 52.5 hours / 5 = 10.5 hours
finishing = 70m2 * 15 minutes = 17.5 hours
Total = 150.5 hours

Better stop writing about it and get on with it…






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