My Favourite Things ~ ‘Cart Door Arches’

The barn is endowed with a handsome pair of opposing cart doors. The doors stand about 12 feet tall and are topped by a arch of cut, dressed stone. After some research on Wikipedia, I reckon they are segmental, shouldered arches.

Cart Door Arch

The arches are two of the major features of the barn, when building has been completed they will both be glazed and will hopefully provide ample light to the interior. What I want to do is to leave as much of the arch-work visible, not just outside, but inside as well. This is difficult with building regulations demanding heavily insulation on all the walls except those that are entirely internal. Tricky, but I think worth attempting as it would be a great shame to hide such features behind boards and insulation.

This raises a question, around balancing the admirable energy concerns of building regulations with the desire to not only preserve but also celebrate & enjoy our architectural heritage. Tricky question that one…






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