One solution I’m considering for the seemingly porous stone gable-end wall is to repoint and dub-out the joints between stones where necessary then whitewash it to provide a greater degree of rain protection.

What I’m wondering about this is how much work this would save over a time consuming hack out of damaged or cracked mortar and then repointing. The joints have already been pretty well dubbed out, although I suspect not properly hacked back before hand to give enough depth of mortar to provide better water protection (which is where the problems arise). So the sound areas of pointing could remain, repairs made and then a wash applied, rather than a more thorough overall repointing that may well leave differing coloured patches of mortar and potential problems in joints between old and new pointing.

Must admit, I quite like the whitewash idea but it’s not something I’ve used before and there must be some catches… any opinions?






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